Say goodbye to expense reports.


With Torpago you can get rid of tedious expense reports and manual reimbursements. Every employee is empowered with a card. Each time a card is swiped the transaction is instantly added into Torpago and appropriately categorized. Swipe and you’re done.


No more expense reports and so many other benefits:

Approval Workflow

Transactions and requests can be set up to go through multi-step approvals. However simple or complex your workflow is Torpago has you covered.

Data Capture

Torpago allows you to capture that data that is important for your business. Set up custom fields for each transaction.

Capture images for each receipt. whatever data point you need Torpago can be configured to accommodate.

Real-Time Integration

Once approved transactions can be synced to your ERP with the click of a button.

Spend is categorized by department.

Simply add your departments in Torpago and then assign a limit for the department to spend each month. This can easily be adjusted at any time.

Torpago supports complex approvals.

Set up an approval hierarchy to match your company's business logic.

Users can request cards and increases.

Managers can approve requests and adjust card limits in real time. Funds are added to cards instantly upon approval.

See every transaction as it happens.

Stop waiting until the end of the month to see who overspent. With Torpago
automatic expenses you can track each transaction as it happens and become
proactive. Use our real time insights to drive your business forward.

Ready to start spending smarter?