Empower your employees.

Torpago is a new spend management platform designed for modern business. We combine the power of our corporate cards and software to provide your business with the perfect solution to manage corporate spend.

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How it works

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Sign Up!

Our sign up process takes minutes. We collect information about your business to verify you. 


Fund Account

Once approved link your bank account and transfer funds. This will be your initial spending limit. You will instantly be able to create virtual cards. Physical cards will arrive in the mail in 3-5 business days. 


Add Users & Define Expense Policy

Once your account is funded you can add employees and issue them physcial and virtual cards.


Gain Control

Sit back and watch your employees feel empowered while you gain control of your company spend. 


Key Features


Empower Your Employees

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Every employee instantly gets access to cards.


Define custom expense policies.

Auto Reconciliation

Say goodbye to tracking down receipts & reconciling credit card statements.

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Manage Recurring Spending

See all recurring transactions in one place.

Automated Approvals

Set predefined approval logic.

Direct Integration

Sync transactions to your accounting tools in real-time.

Ready to empower your team?