Spend Management

From spend, approvals, bill pay, reimbursements -
managing all your businesses’ finances is easy when you
can access it all through our platform or mobile app.


Tailored to Your Business

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Enforce Expense Policy

Enforce limits on the amount they can spend and the number of transactions they can make per day. Restrict certain merchant categories and setting specific times of day when the cards can be used.


1000+ Integrations

Simplify your financial operations by leveraging ready-to-use software integrations for widely used accounting, collaboration, and security tools.


Pre & Post Spend Approvals

Every department follows a hierarchical chain of command that enables them to monitor their spending both before and after making the expenses.


Mobile App

Manage spend on the go. Review transactions in real-time.


Receipt Intelligence

It’s as easy as taking a picture or forwarding an attachment, adding a memo, and submitting to receipts@torpago.com.


Bill Pay

Simplify your accounts payable with ease when you upload, submit, approve, and bill pay on our platform.



Keep track of reimbursements of non-Torpago spend. Allow users without Torpago cards to be reimbursed for their purchases through wire transfer from company checking accounts.


Task Manager

Our interface has been designed with the customers in mind, specifically to help them maintain focus on tasks and accomplish them efficiently through our task manager.

“I can’t imagine trying to manage my company's finances without Torpago.”

Keith R., VP of Finance

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