Cut your business’ finances some Slack.

Slack is one of the fastest-growing team collaboration software on the market. ‘Research shows that roughly 80% of Fortune 100 companies rely on Slack Connect to build their digital hq.”

At Torpago, we knew that as we look to capture larger-scale business, it was important that we were proactive in the development of features that mesh well with the modern business’ tech stack. Torpago offers a robust credit suite including expenses management software that helps everyone from your C-Suite to your associates keep track of their business expenses. With our newly released integration - you can view recent transactions, request virtual cards, and contact our support team without leaving your slack terminal.



Add Torpago Card App to your Slack


Type in ‘/tpay’ and press send;

Type in any of these actions:

‘help’ - contact support

‘tx’ - view transactions

‘req ’ - request a virtual card

Ready to start spending smarter?